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S.H.E Days

S.H.E Day

Are you ready to consciously create
the change you’re seeking in your life?

S.H.E Day

Do you desperately need to sit down and prioritise life, but can’t find the time?

Introducing S.H.E Day. An entire day, dedicated to you. A day where you can recharge, refocus and realign with your goals so you can start creating the change you wish to see in your life.

Zoe will help guide you through decluttering your mind in all 8 areas of your life, so you can leave with the clarity and direction you need to break the mold and take your next steps towards a less perfect, more peaceful future.

S.H.E Day Merimbula

Join us for our next S.H.E Day in beautiful Merimbula
on Saturday 14th September 2019! Book your ticket

“Without gaining clarity and a new perspective of where you’re currently at in your life, you won’t know what your priorities are or where you need to start taking action. That’s why S.H.E Day has been developed!”

— Zoe Joseph

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There is so much to be gained by attending our S.H.E Day:

  • Release overwhelm and declutter your mind
  • Become aware of and accept where you’re currently at in your life with the added bonus of inner peace
  • Get clear on what it is that you really choose to be creating in your life
  • Learn how to effectively manifest your goals and dreams
  • Recognise your priorities and what action you will choose to take
  • Leave with a clear plan in place

“If you want to be the best version of you, then this is the place to start.”

Organised by us, designed for you…

If you’re like us, then you’re much more productive when you have support from people who are doing and going through the same things, rather than trying to figure it all out on your own.

A S.H.E Day is a wonderful opportunity to do just that — to ask for different perspectives on life situations, to realise you’re not alone with your fears, frustrations and overwhelm, and to connect with aligned people who can continue to support you and assist in keeping you accountable with moving forward.

The S.H.E Day is for you if…

  • You’re in need of a life overhaul
  • You like to be structured with plans and organising
  • You’re seeking guidance to get you back on track
  • You work well in a supportive group setting
  • You’re ready to take responsibility to create change in your life
  • Once you set your mind on something, you like to get in and get it done.

“What a great empowering event to help women remember how amazing they are and how they can create their happiest life – this is a must! ”

What to expect…

  • Receive the NEW revised S.H.E Change Peace Pack (value $88)
  • Work through the Peace Point Equation for ALL 8 areas of your life:
    1. Health
    2. Romantic Relationships
    3. Family & Spaces
    4. Business / Work / Study
    5. Friends & Social
    6. Community & Giving Back
    7. Passion & Purpose
    8. Money & Manifesting
  • Gain clarity on how to shift from pressure to peace
  • Be supported by myself and my S.H.E Squad
  • Meet and interact with other women going through the same process
  • Learn the tools that you need to continue doing this for yourself
  • Become a part of the S.H.E Change Movement that provides ongoing support

“This empowering day is a must for all women who are ready to take back the power in their own lives.”

Where and when…

Saturday 14th September 2019
Full day  9am – 5.30pm
Club Sapphire – Merimbula

Lunch & Morning/Afternoon tea provided

Investment $350

Numbers are limited, so secure your place by booking now!

Book your ticket


There is a wide range of accommodation in Merimbula — for suggestions of where to stay, please reach out to Zoe.


(please contact Zoe for payment plan options)

Once payment has been received, Zoe will be in touch with further information to ensure you’re all set to make the most of your S.H.E Day.

If you don’t leave the S.H.E Day feeling like you’ve gained clarity to consciously create change in your life then we offer a full money back guarantee.

What our community has to say…

“ A great event to get to know other women & support each other, very relevant topics to support ourselves with. ”


” A great night to help learn to manage stress and visulise/manage where you want to go. “


” Very real. Fitting and makes you realise you aren’t alone. Go with an open mind. Zoe speaks from the heart & she’s lovely!! “


“ It’s empowering a must for all women to attend to take back the power in their own lives. ”


“ There’s something for everyone. lots of light bulb moments. ”


“ Fantastic. A wonderful group of supportive women, who are not in competition with each other but here to lift each other up. Loved it. ”


” If you value yourself, your children, your relationship – GO AND LISTEN! ”


“ You leave feeling empowered and inspired to reach your full potential. ”


“ You must go to a S.H.E Night. They are incredible. Zoe is absolutely amazing, very positive and powerful advice. ”


“ You should go. This Woman gets it! Thanks Zoe. ”


“ I was expecting baby number two when I first attended one of Zoe’s SHE nights. Zoe had shared so much valuable information in these sessions, but the piece I’ve most used is her idea of ‘Peace Points’. Thinking about and knowing my Peace Points, or areas in my life I need in order to feel content, allowed me to discuss these with my husband as preparation for the arrival of our new baby. He then knew exactly how to support me in caring for the new bub.
How to constructively communicate with your partner is a focus in Zoe’s sessions, and this has definitely helped my husband and I. ”


“ What a great empowering event to help women remember how amazing they are and how they can create their happiest life – this is a must! “


“ If you’re feeling down/frustrated/confused/insecure or concerned about your mental, physical, spiritual or emotional health come to one of these S.H.E Nights for an insight on why not to stress and basically to just let someone tell you that everything really is ok. ”


“ Great info with takeaway activities, a great self help info session. ”


“ Don’t be frightened to come and listen to a new/different way to think. Great & personal feel to Zoe’s way of speaking. So open about her personal experience that we can all connect with in our own lives. Thanks Zoe, great night. ”


“ The S.H.E Night has given me so much to think about. Realising that most issues surrounding me are all stemming from me not other people/things. Thanks Zoe. ”


“ You have had an impact on these women, everyone is discussing something from their sub-conscious! Loved the S.H.E Night, thanks Zoe. ”