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S.H.E. Change Peace Packs

S.H.E. Change Peace Packs 

         The Pilot Peace Packs are nearly all sold out.

You can purchase yours today for only $44 plus $10 P & H

As its only at pilot stage I will be giving you a FREE half hour session (value $95) thats totally focused on you! At the end of the call I will ask your feedback on the Peace Pack so I can work out if changes need to be made for the final edition.

What’s in your Peace Pack

S.H.E Change Movement – In this book you will get a detail explanation to support you in gaining perspective and decluttering your mind.

S.H.E Progress Journal – This journal is for you to self-assess, gain clarity of what you’re choosing to create and provides the step by step processes you need to create the change you’re seeking.

S.H.E Peace Point Planner – The planner is going to be your new best friend 😉 – it’s a calendar for you to turn your ‘have to’s’ into ‘choose to’s’.  Goodbye overwhelm, hello PEACE..!

SHE Change Peace Point Pack


What can a Peace Pack do for me?

You may find yourself stuck in the rut of life and become overwhelmed with everything you think you “should be achieving” or you “have to do” and feel under constant stress, like a hamster running on a wheel, super busy but not actually getting anywhere. This pressure not only comes from ourselves but our perceived pressure by others (society, family, partners, children) to be and do things that don’t necessarily leave you feeling peace and joy.

The Peace Pack’s Purpose is to:

– Support you in decluttering your mind
– Teach you about Peace Points & how to create them
– Bring clarity to each area of your life to eliminate procrastination and debilitating control issues/perfectionism

It’s designed to bring you Self-awareness, Healing & Empowerment tools so that you can gain the clarity and confidence that you need to consciously create the change you’re seeking.

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Nice and simple.

The Peace Pack helped me to address where I’ve been going wrong in certain areas of my life, I then was able to choose to better those areas. Using the Calendar has been a wonderful way to keep track on working through the areas that I choose to change.

Lily Farrell

Having a Peace Point Planner is a godsend! Where it helps me the most is it puts that ‘to do’ list on any chosen day, and it gets done instead of forever being ‘not done’! Easy to use and makes my life so much more organised and stress free!

Petrina Bodey

My Peace Point Planner is helping me to prioritise what’s really going to help create peace in my life and stop procrastinating. I can see the progress in the change I’m choosing for myself, and I’m proud!

Rebecca Kading

For me, my PPP allowed me to let go of the massive stress I was creating for myself. All the things I needed or wanted to do that were running constantly through my mind causing stress! Every time I thought ‘when will I have time? Now I’ve planned it all out! When I think “when am I doing that?” I giggle and think August! Pure relief 

Kimberley Pricolo

The Peace Pack is a life saver! Easy to implement & makes planning out your month a breeze! Zoe has put so much love & thought into the peace planner & I would honestly recommend it to everyone!

Georgie Johnson

Welcome to your new Best Friend! The Peace Point Planner helps to simplify your life. From what days your working, to kids appointments, to having coffee with friends, as well as the all important “Me Day”. Having it all broken down helps you to get out of your head space with overthinking everything on what you ‘have to do’ and allows you to enjoy life as we’re meant too.

Christine Farnham